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X&O 15


X&O 15

  Efficient yet compact headlamp

  Exclusive Reverse Beam Technology developed by Philips®

  15 Lux light output with a bright, but non-blinding, light beam

⇨  Compliant to German, French, Danish and Dutch regulations

  2 versions available:

  • Dynamo-operated
  • E-bike version with a voltage range from 6-48VDC

  Mountable on front forks as well as handlebars

Connection via external connector

  Available for deliveries in January 2022

X&O 15

⇨  高效紧凑型前灯

⇨  由Philips®研发的独特反向光束技术

⇨  15勒克斯 明亮但没有炫光的光斑

⇨  符合德国、法国、丹麦和荷兰的标准

⇨  适用于6-48V DC电压范围的摩电机自行车和电动自行车

⇨  可安装在前叉和手把的位置

⇨  可以2022年1月份开始交货

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